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Dr. Ciambarella grew up on the West Side of Cincinnati and was active in soccer while he was in school.  During his years playing soccer, he sustained several neck and back injuries. As a result of these injuries and an interest in medicine, Dr. Ciambarella chose to practice chiropractic medicine where he was able to find relief from pain.

Dr. Ciambarella performed his pre-medicine at Ohio University before earning his doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College in Davenport, IA.  Dr. Ciambarella worked as a chiropractor in Oregon for two years.  He then came home to Cincinnati and became the only chiropractic member of Greater Cincinnati Associated Physicians as well as UC Health and Mercy Health for seven total years.  He then opened a private practice in Cheviot in 2014 to be able to offer more services including medical acupuncture and science based nutrition.

Dr. Ciambarella treats many conditions, and migraines are one of his passions within the field of Chiropractic Medicine.  He has devoted his time as a physician in researching best practices and best methods of relieving migraine headaches, and he is one of the most technologically advanced Chiropractic Physicians within Greater Cincinnati.

Dr. Ciambarella believes in providing patients with the best possible care, and he recognizes that some conditions require treatment from other orthopaedic, spine, and pain specialists.

Dr. Ciambarella also helps patients with precise spinal realignments, specific muscle work, and physical therapy to assist patients with different kinds of pain ranging from neck to knee pain.

Dr. Ciambarella is currently accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment, or to learn more, please call (513) 309-5300.