The atlas bone is the top bone in the spine and relies on muscles and ligaments in the neck to maintain alignment. Therefore, the atlas bone is vulnerable to displacement. Correcting misalignments of the atlas bone can relieve some individuals of their migraines.

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A recent review of patient charts was performed to evaluate the effectiveness of cervical realignment on migraines. After their first adjustment, patients were tracked and evaluated for six months for medication refills. Eight out of ten patients were found not to need a single refill of their migraine medication after their first adjustment.

Originally, this review of patient records included patients that were taking non-triptan medication that can be used to treat epilepsy and prevent migraines, but not treat active migraines. Data revealed that seven out of ten patients did not require refills after seeing Dr. Ciambarella. It is pertinent to note that the only three patients that refilled their medication were also being treated for anxiety; this suggests that there may be a stress component in the patients that requested refills.

Additionally, the average number of atlas adjustments needed by patients over this six-month time was 2.4 adjustments, and the average number of office visits was 4.3 visits.

Not only can correcting misalignments of the atlas bone help migraines, but it has also been shown to help reduce blood pressure in patients. In a study conducted by Bakris et al., correcting mal-alignments of the atlas was seen to help 76% of participants in the study. To find out more about this study, click here.