I had always suffered with migraines and other headaches on a daily basis.  After trying medication, I was referred to Dr. Ciambarella who aligned my neck.  SInce my alignment, I am proud and so very happy to report I have not had any headaches!  I can't tell you what a relief it has been for me.  May he continue to bless people with his abilities and kindness.
    - Candace

     I had headaches everyday and needed medicine daily.  They became unbearable when hitting my head several months ago.  I even had a CAT SCAN of my brain before seeing Dr. Ciambarella.  He was able to permanently fix it in one simple adjustment.  It was amazing.  I do not have headaches anymore.

     Before coming to see Dr. Ciambarella, I used to get terrible migraines weekly.  They were so bad I would sometimes have to miss work and not be able to function.  After seeing Dr. Ciambarella once, I started noticing the difference and have not had a migraine since!  I also learned from the x-rays that were taken of my neck.  
    Thank you so much Dr. C.

    I have suffered with migraines for many years.  Migraine medicine helped some, but they had become constant.  I even started having pain go down my neck and back.  Dr. Ciambarella discovered the cause of my headaches was that my neck was twisted, and he was able to gently fix it in one treatment!  I would recommend him to anyone suffering with migraines or other headaches!
        - Vanessa

The following testimonial was a letter kindly written by a priest to his PCP before handing it to me as well.  He had been suffering with debilitating headaches, nausea, and neck pain.
         - Jay
    I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that your suggestion to possibly see a chiropractor paid off, although I had my doubts.  Matt's specialty turned out to be migraines and neck and back pains.  He took x-rays and found the vertebrae to be out of line.  I saw it very clearly in the before and after x-rays.  After making the adjustment, I felt immediate relief and in about three or four days, I was almost back to normal.  I now only feel occasional soreness.  I would recommend Matt to any patients with similar problems.  
    I just wanted you to know that I am much improved.  I only returned for a five minute check up and don't have to return unless I have more difficulty.
         - Fr. Gary    

       Before seeing Dr. Ciambarella, I often had to miss work a couple times a week due to severe headaches.  The treatment provided by Dr. Ciambarella was so light and gentle that it worked like a miracle.  I no longer have to worry about headaches or neck pain.  Thank you.

    Since my first treatment, I have not experienced the severe headaches which first brought me to Dr. Ciambarella.
        -Mary Jo    

    I used to get severe headaches two or three times a week.  Since I have been coming to see Dr. Ciambarella, my headaches have decreased.  I now only get a headache maybe once a month.  I am still coming to Dr. Ciambarella and am confident my headaches will stop in the future.

    I had headaches a lot until I came to Dr. Ciambarella.  The first time helped me so much.

     I have suffered with headaches my entire adult life which had become constant recently.  After having my neck realigned by Dr. Ciambarella, I am essentially free of headaches.  I recommend him to anyone suffering with headaches.

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